Las Vegas Championship Match Revival Lite

Las Vegas Championship Match Revival Lite

Coming earlier than usual, we have last year’s Summer event re-run: Las Vega Championship Match. We have a new welfare Servant, Katsushika Hokusai (Saber) with an Arts-based NP. Okita FINALLY gets her swim-suit version, 4🌟 Okita J Souji (Assassin). And we also have the much anticipated release of two limited 5🌟 Servants: Musashi (Berserker) and *Artoria (Ruler).

Note: Don’t go hog-wild on leveling Servants until after the Summer 2021 event is over as you’ll need a minimum of 50,000 QP to clear certain quests. Don’t worry as you’ll get the QP back in large amounts. Also, a lot of the following information is taken from the JP event so names may change.

Gold SaberSummer 2021 New Welfare Servant: Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)

I’m ready

Just from looking at her kit, I had a feeling that Hokusai (Saber) would be similar to Kagetora (our most recent Arts-based welfare) in game-player. Both have a 1-turn Arts up/Crit Up skill, and an NP gain up skill. The difference being that Kagetora’s NP Gain Up skill is also tied to her Evasion skill. Slightly annoying—which leads to a similar complaint that I had about Tamamo’s Curse buff. After finding the Rabbit’s Reviews article on Hokusai (Saber), it pretty much confirmed my thoughts. Essentially, like Kuro and Kagetora, Hokusai should be able to NP loop. Particularly when paired with a Mystic Code like Tropical Summer, or with OG Tamamo, or Castoria when she comes out later this summer.

My thoughts on Saber Hokusai. I think she’ll be a valuable addition to anyone’s team, especially if you don’t have *Lancelot (Saber) or Munenori. Frankly, the next two grails I get are going to her.

*heh…I do have Saberlot, but he’s sitting in my Second Archive due to lack of time and ascension/skill mats needed elsewhere.

Hokusai (Saber) Demonstration

Credit: Chiko Asad

Hokusai (Saber) Voice Lines

Credit: Raizu Stash

First Glance at Event Mechanics –>

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