Magic Shield Effect in Blender

Magic Shield Effect in Blender
Syleth's Fire Shield

Trying out special effects creation in Blender. This is something I couldn’t do in Poser—though to be fair, I’m sure there’s a way but I never really explored Poser’s shader node system because Poser’s materials room was janky.

Something that I’m noticing about posing characters in Blender versus Poser (or even Daz Studio)—it’s smoother, for one. Being able to use IKs without the jerkiness that was present in Poser is a plus, and makes natural posing a snap. I upgraded the rigging for Aiko 3 by adding additional IK bones for the head, neck, and spine. I have a video coming out sometime soon that demonstrates how to add IK chains to a Daz or Poser figure in Blender.

Anyway, I created the shield effect by following this awesome tutorial on YouTube:

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