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The rate-ups are lies except when they work to your advantage. All that counts is we're happy, and that we didn't go broke trying to get what we wanted.

🗒Note, the previous post was supposed to have been posted last night. As a WordPress dev, I already knew how prone to failure post-scheduling was, so I should have known better than to trust it.

Fate Grand Order’s Thanksgiving Celebration Campaign is well under way, and so far, this has been a good turn of events for me. I FINALLY got Miyamoto Musashi, after like god who knows how many attempts since her release last spring.

5-star Miyamoto Musashi has come home!
Maybe that curse has been broken?

That being said, I have a ton of work ahead of me getting her combat-ready. Thankfully, I’ve got most of the ascension and skill-leveling items already, and enough QP to get her to level 90. I’ll end up needing more dust and shields once everything is said and done, though. Rough estimate, it should take me a week to get her to level 90. That estimate is based on running the Ember-gathering quests 9 or 10 times a day for 7 days. It also doesn’t factor in any 5🌟 embers that I can get from the Friend Points summon, or the 4🌟 All Embers that will be available in a few days.

Running ember-gathering quests 10 days a day might be pushing the upper limits of my attention-span.

I also managed to finish all of the challenge quests and got that new Command Code. I’ve been lazy about grabbing event command codes, and honestly, I need to get better at it. The Gilfest Command Codes, I should have grabbed but got too lazy about playing through the event. At least I’ll get another chance with next year’s rerun at grabbing them then.

I Can Unload My Unneeded Ascension Materials!

This one had to have gotten added with the recent Christmas Revival event. Apparently, you can now trade in your welfare servant ascension materials for QP.

Now you can sell your unneeded welfare servant ascension materials!
Now I can unload those Giles Dolls and extra mustaches!

I can’t remember the amount of QP you get for each item, but if I remember correctly, it’s fairly generous.

Lostbelt 3 is Out!

No, I haven’t had a chance to dive in yet—too much to do before I can start Thanksgiving Dinner, and there’s going to be a lot to do afterwards.

GamePress has the walk-through out, for those of us who don’t like running into a fight blind.

Resurrecting Traditions

Since it’s Thanksgiving, and this marks the kickoff of The Season, I’ve been thinking about bringing back a tradition of mine. When I still lived in Minneapolis, I had my own office and separate bedroom. Actually, my office was (and currently is) more like a work-room where I indulge in various hobbies from drawing, to working with polymer clay, and gaming.

At any rate, my work-room would get incredibly messy and I wouldn’t have the time to clean up until the holiday breaks. I started calling it “The Annual Cleaning of the Computer Room.”

Once I started spending the holidays with my boyfriend, The Annual Cleaning went away, and then stopped entirely when I moved in with him almost 5 years ago. Basically, I didn’t have my own space—that changed this year. So with that, I have to bring back a tradition. Tomorrow starts the taming and organization of my work-room—and possibly the entire house as well.

With that, happy boss-fighting peeps! And have a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving!

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