Here Comes Nero-fest!

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Return of Nero-fest. So were you smart enough to save your CEs from 2019? I wasn't... #fgo  #fategrandorder #fategousa

But first, here’s a quick farming guide:

No, I didn’t save my CEs from 2019. Yeah, I feel really stupid about that but I needed the space in my archives. So I’m going to have to roll for new CEs—if I can afford it. I’m trying to save quartz for when the summer event finally gets here.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not I can score gacha CEs—the CEs from the event shop are needed more so if you’re like me and can’t afford to whale for CEs, that might be the best way to go. My focus will be on the lotto anyway.

That being said, looks like I’ll be relying on my Arts comp for farming this time around. I haven’t had time to level Oberon (blame working in general and working on Silent Shadow specifically for that one) but Koyan is on my Friend Support—I may need to eliminate some folks that haven’t been on in three months to make room for others. Feel kind of sad about that ’cause some of those have been with me since I started playing five years ago.

This will give me an opportunity to see how NP2 Summer Musashi performs, though. I have used her in the past with double Castoria but I general prefer Spishtar due to neutral class damage and she has her own NP battery and team attack buff.

6th Anni’s GSSR was particularly nice to me this year.

Latest Bond Level Ups

Hey, see a pattern here?

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Spishtar is my go-to for wave-clearing and farming so she sees a lot of work in that regard, and that likely won’t change with Nero-fest coming up.

I feel really bad for this one. I managed to get her two years ago and haven’t really had time to use her. And well, you know the whole Arts meta deal? Well, Nobu might see more usage once I get Oberon leveled up.

I would have thought that her bond would be at 8 by now. Jalter is my go-to for Ruler bosses, or when the boss seriously pisses me off. There’s something satisfying about seeing a particularly annoying opponent get skewered and barbecued. I still regret not getting her Shinjuku outfit when I had the chance, though.

And that’s it from me! Till next time.

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