Heian-Kyo: Kill Limbo Part 2

| By Jess

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Gacha, Lostbelt 7 speculations, and Milestones Achieved

Gacha Luck: B

I guessed right when I said I used up my gacha luck after GUDAGUDA 5 when I got Himiko at NP3 in one pull. It took me roughly 14 11-pulls (154 summons all total) but I got Douman at NP2 and Tsuna at NP5—the fifth copy came after I made the screen capture. Now, I need to save quartz for the Christmas event and for when Muramasa drops.

👉🏼 I think the algorithm may have changed with the introduction of the pity system. I used to be able to somewhat predict to within two or three pulls if I’d get a 5🌟 Servant or not. Oh well…

Aside: Spending Habits and Cost of Buying a House

*winces* the rolls cost me ~$19748. Thank god for year-end bonuses. Tl’dr: because of the house purchase, I don’t have as much disposable income as I used to. I’ve become a little more conscious of my spending habits. I don’t regret buying a house. It got me and my boyfriend out of an area we didn’t want to be in where we didn’t have as much control of our property as we should have. That’s a whole ‘nother story, and not Fate/GO-related. I’ll have a separate post on that situation later for anyone interested.

I’m not counting the Ibuki roll since I got her on the 11th roll of single-pulls—all free quartz.

Post Lostbelt 7 Speculations

I do have some speculation on the future of Fate/GO post Lostbelt 7. Our protagonist—well, in my case, I named her after the main character of my old webcomic Silent Shadow—so if you see the name “Syleth” crop up, just mentally replace it with the name of your protag or Gudako, or whatever you prefer.

Ass-pull Fan Theory—Take with a Grain of Salt

Ahem, anyway… I suspect that the reason Gudako keeps getting referred to as Kintoki’s Servant is that she likely is a Servant—from a future timeline that’s post Lostbelt 7. Aside from being a Caster, that would likely make her some sort of Pseudo-Servant that may have merged with her pre-Lostbelt 7 counterpart during the Rayshift. Now, as for the reason why she doesn’t seem aware of that? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course, that’s also based on fan speculation that the MC is going to die at the end of LB 7—which I’m not sure if I actually believe that’s going to happen. Say if that is the case, Gudako would more than qualify, having saved the world countless times.

Everyone talks about death-flags but I haven’t seen any in Part 2 so far. Of course, it could be that I’m not as observant as I’d to think.

If our protag becomes a Servant in Part 3, would it be that Mash is her Master? Especially if fan-speculation on the JP server about the New Year Servant being Galahad turns out to be correct?

I have some other speculations that aren’t related at all to “maybe Gudako actually is a Servant” but I’ll save those for later.


Some milestones that I accomplished during Heian-kyo and shortly after. I’m trying to remember to do this more often since it’s a good way to track progress.

Now I can unlock one of her append skills.
With this final Holy Grail, I raise thee to lv100!
Worked hard to get him to bond 5 through farming quests

So we’re not getting that Murasaki banner? Instead, we got the Thanksgiving Campaign—though I have a feeling that her banner should be coming before this year’s Christmas event.

And that’s a wrap. Later y’all!

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