Imaginary Scramble: Mad Dash to the Finish

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Rushing to finish the event will drive you insane—that's provided the Foreigner-class Servants don't do it first.

I don’t like rushing things because that means I’ll miss out on something. Somewhere between now and the beginning of the event, I must have slacked off or got busy with getting the new house together (yes, it’s going on two months now and the place is still a mess with boxes everywhere). Thankfully, I caught up and got the grail, which was the important part. So now I should be able to relax for a little bit.

Our living room looks like a homeless encampment. That’s where we’ve been staging the moving- and Amazon boxes. We’re in some serious need of shelving. I’m halfway tempted to start making boards out of cardboard—yes, it can be done

I didn’t completely finish the GUDAGUDA event (but I got the Holy Grail, so that’s good) because of the move even though I somehow got Himiko NP3 in one fucking roll. Something tells me that I may have inadvertently used up all of my gacha luck for the year 🤞🏼 I really hope that isn’t the case. I’m still on the fence about who I want more: Ashiya or Muramasa. I’m leaning towards Muramasa, even though Douman is pretty interesting as a Servant—can’t wait for Lostbelt 5.5 to see more of his character.

Get Your Servants Leveled Up! Lostbelt 5.5 Is Coming

Ope, now that I mentioned Lostbelt 5.5, guess what? The pre-release campaign has been announced! Seriously didn’t think it would be announced this soon. Not sure if I should look for team recommendations, or do my usual “juggernaut my way through” thing.

In short, I should stop screwing around and finish leveling Merlin’s- and Zhuge Lang’s skills. I should have enough QP now—that’s the great thing about Imaginary Scramble—the number of QP drops from the points ladder.

Imaginary Scramble Thoughts

Artoria (Archer) has been my goto single-target DPS for this event.

One thing that forced me to finish this event: there hasn’t been a rerun of Imaginary Scramble on the JP server—yet. It’s been two years and normally, events like this (or the Prisma Causeway event) generally get a rerun every two years. There’s a question of whether or not there will ever be a rerun. So far, the other event that I know of that hasn’t got a rerun was Christmas 2020, when Quetz (Ruler) (free/limited) was introduced. Which really blows for anyone who didn’t get to play the event, because they missed out on getting a pretty good Buster AoE Ruler that even has a bit of team support.

Frankly, I hate points-ladder events (Summer 2020 is prime example). The amount of farming you have to do to get the materials needed to progress is seriously annoying—even though three-turn farming is pretty easy now with dual Castoria and an Arts AOE. It’s the repetitiveness that can wear on you after a while, which is probably why I “got busy” early on in the event.

Card-type Debuffs Are Here—And I Don’t Like It

I remembered encountering the new card-type debuff in this year’s summer event. I hated it then, and I still hate it. Hokusai kept hitting my main damage dealer with Arts card seal—which, you guessed it—my DPS was an Arts NP servant. Didn’t matter if I cleared the debuff using Castoria’s NP, she just stuck the card-seal back on my DPS. FML, right? Didn’t matter in the end because I still beat that fight.

Either way, I finished everything with five hours to spare. Well, except for the challenge quest but then I very rarely do the challenge quests anyway.

RIP my poor phone battery 😥

Bond-level Progress

It’s always nice when you make progress on getting your servant’s bond-levels up.

I took the opportunity to level up OG Hokusai. I should say finally—I’ve had her in my second archive since I got her from the New Year’s 2021 GSSR. I leveled up Osakabehime (Archer) in time for this year’s summer event. Call it dumb luck, but in my attempts at getting an extra copy or two of Musashi ‘Zerker, I ended up with Osakabe (Archer) at NP5.

Irony—I have OG Osakabehime sitting in my second archive. I really need to level her up.

Still working on OG Musashi’s bond-level. I’d really like to unlock her second append skill. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend the SQ on getting another copy when her banner came up back in April.

So now that the event is finished, I’m going to take a break from FGO for a few days—only logging in for the dailies—before I start leveling up Servants again. Gotta get ready for Lostbelt 5.5!

Upcoming Events

We’re getting events two weeks earlier than when they were released in Japan. Plus, the order in which they’re released may vary slightly.

  • ⭐The Heian-kyo Prerelease Campaign has been announced. That campaign will start tonight (November 9th) and run until November 16th. For those of you saving for Douman or Muramasa, stay strong. Remember: 🎣 this banner is bait!
  • Roughly around the same time, there should be an X-Millions Download Campaign. The associated summoning campaign (🎣—just sayin’) will feature Murasaki Shikibu, plus craft essences from the Valentine Event in 2021. Otherwise, you can expect all of the typical download campaign goodies: summon tickets, quartz, fous, etc.
    • Campaigns I & II feature a daily log-in bonus and a new Extra mission that awards SQ for leveling up your craft essences.
    • III & IV features revive prisms and SQ for finishing main story quests in both arcs
    • V through VII features a quest aid campaign where the AP is 1/4 to help newbies and stragglers get caught up before the Lostbelt 5.5 release. Then there’s the AP 1/2 for clearing free quests. If you’re short on SQ for the banners coming up in the next month, here’s your chance to get a bunch of free SQ. Then finally, all daily quests are open for the duration of the campaign.
    • Finally, a new shop CE makes its debut in the Mana Prism shop—Take Romance (I’m sure that the name will be slightly different on the NA server). Plus, if you missed out on acquiring Detective Foumes when it was released two years ago, here’s your chance as it’ll be in the Gold Prism shop permanently.
  • Another Followers Commemoration event will likely follow on the heels of the Download Campaign above, which will feature 10 free SQ for players who log in during the event period.
  • Heian-kyo should land sometime around Thanksgiving.
  • This year’s Christmas event should follow in a week or two after the Heian-kyo release. This year’s welfare servant is Karna (Saber).

After Christmas is the New Year’s campaign which will feature more goodies as well as the highly anticipated new Saber, Muramasa. New Year’s campaign looks to be a good time to level Servants since Great and Super Success Rates will be doubled, saving you on both QP and AP.

⭐ The summons campaign runs until November 20th.

Unrelated: the site needs a face-lift. I may be working on that after the holidays.

Till next time!

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