Heian-Kyo: Kill Limbo Part 2

| By Jess

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Story, Pacing, and Characters (continued)

Welcome to the conveyor belt of boss-fights. This is where the story started to pick up. You see Limbo get impatient and start pulling out all the stops to complete his master plan, and like a stereotypical James Bond villain, starts blabbing about his master plan. I guess his mother never told him “to be patient, dick-head.”

Tawara Touta and Suzuka Gozen

The way the two were introduced was rather campy. It’s like the writer suddenly realized that other than the death-match stage, that they had overlooked the red soulless eyes of the Heroic Spirits summoned to Shimousa—quick, let’s hurry up and correct that!

The thing is, of the general gods summoned, only Touta and Gozen had those eyes. So why bring back that trope only to ditch after this fight?

This boss-fight required a certain amount of patience due to needing to time NP release after they both released their NPs. Here, I used a variation of my Arts farming team (Castoria x 2 + Spishtar). I started off with Castoria+Merlin+Spishtar in the frontline.

On Merlin, I used my MLB Kaleidoscope so I could launch the heals and NP generation right away. I also needed him for the invincibility shield when both fired their NPs. I did use the plug-suit for this encounter, not only so I could swap Merlin out for the second Castoria but so I could use the plug-suit’s Gandr skill to stun Towara so I could force his NP to launch at the same time as Suzuka’s.

After both launch their NPs, they lose that damage-cut buff for one turn. That’s where I used Spishtar’s NP to burst both down. Afterwards, it was a matter of timing but I’m pretty sure I finished the fight within 9 turns.

Post-fight Cut-scene

The cut-scene that comes up after the fight has Raikou and Tsuna hitting their opponents just as they were about to fire their NPs. I laughed so hard at that because not only did it remind me of what Android 17 did in Dragon Ball Super, it also brought back an old memory of my sister offing her opponents as they were powering up.

Kill Your Enemies When They Power Up

A long time ago, my sisters were playing one of the Dragon Ball Z games—I’m about 90% certain that it was one of the Budokai games—which one specifically, I don’t remember but considering where they were living at the time, it had to have been either -3 or Tenkaichi. My sister (the middle one) came up with the idea of hitting the opponent as they’re powering up. Flash forward a billion years to me playing Lostbelt 5.5.

I think both in Fate/GO- and the Dragon Ball Super example, the writers were making fun of how extended-length power-ups leave the fighter wide open to attack. Now, if only FGO had a similar mechanic 😂

Enter: Ushi Alter

Four years ago when Babylonia was first released and Ushi got corrupted by the Chaos Tide, I’d wondered when Ushi (Avenger) would be added to the game. Technically, Shimousa would have been a good place for that introduction but at the same time, I understand why it didn’t happen—and why Heian-kyo made more sense.

Kagekiyo vs Danzo

This was the only forced support in the entire chapter and it was for story purposes. I didn’t mind because it essentially served as an information dump, and it gave us an idea of what to expect when the death-match came up.

This section (and the one after) were basically advertisements for upcoming Servant releases. Ibuki-Douji’s summoning campaign is here and goes through the 11th. Kagekiyo won’t be until January or February.

Death-match: vs Kagekiyo

This fight was surprising easy. Used my own Merlin+Waver (gotta work on Waver’s skills), with a support Arjuna (Alter). Thanks to Captain Buster Crit there, I was able to finish in four turns with no revives. Arjuna broke Kagekiyo’s break-bars in two turns—she was out of the picture after the third turn. After that was just cleaning up. I’m glad that it wasn’t a protracted fight but in a way, I was slightly disappointed that it turned out to be that easy. To be honest, I’m glad that my strategy worked with no one getting iced, though Arjuna (Alter) did cut it close.

Honestly, this is why I waited to play on the NA server. I want to be able to immerse myself in the story. If I’d started on the JP server, I probably would have quit or lost interest right away. Another example is when Heian-kyo was first released in Japan, there was so much misinformation about Raikou’s actions (implications that she had been “Worfed”), and who Kagekiyo really was (basically Ushi (Avenger)—which we all knew), that I gave up trying to wade through all of the fan-rumors going around. This was before Neobenedict started their awesome translation project.


Hmmm…the interaction via text between Seimei and our heroic gang reminds me a little bit of Merlin’s first introduction in the Fifth Singularity. Taking that into consideration, what’s the likelihood of Seimei showing up as a Grand Caster in Lostbelt 7? Particularly with the news that there won’t be a Lostbelt 7-specific summons campaign to avoid spoilers. On that note, we could get Muramasa (Alter Ego) as well.

Ibuki-Douji Appears

Hearing the lore surrounding Ibuki-Douji is the primary reason for wanting to roll for her—well, that and her first ascension is really cute.

I came into this fight expecting a repetition of the fight with Tiamat. I was rather disappointed that it wasn’t. That being said, the fight with Ibuki-Douji was pretty anti-climatic. I had to withdraw the first time because I forgot to start my screen recorder (so dumb). On the second try—with the screen recorder on—I managed to burst down three of her break-bars using Kuro. Until now, I haven’t really used Kuro for boss fights. I’ve been using Squirtoria because she has better NP refund than Kuro does.

Here’s some lore about Ibuki-Douji’s sword that I dug up.

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