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This Year’s Halloween Event: The Land of Mystique, Oniland! The Great Oni and the Kamuy’s Gold. Or as…

This Year’s Halloween Event: The Land of Mystique, Oniland! The Great Oni and the Kamuy’s Gold. Or as I like to call it—Halloween 2020 Event: How I Burned out on Fate/Grand Order.

Yes, it is possible. Realized it the other day when I missed a login bonus—and I still hadn’t worked up the effort to finish the current event. My feeling about this event, like with Fate/Accel Zero, was that I already had a solid group of Casters, so why would I want another one? Yes, there’s the farming aspect but even then, I found that I lacked the interest to continue. The burnout started at the end of this year’s Summer Event with ALL. THE. GRINDING (and then the back-to-back events…Summer Event 2020 > Gilfest > Fate/Accel Zero) Heh, perhaps it’s time to take a break and focus on the login bonuses.

That being said, I did finish the event and grabbed this year’s welfare Servant but I haven’t bothered grabbing the rest of her ascension materials or the other copies for NP upgrades. Now with there being only a day or so left of the Halloween 2020 event (from whenever this article gets posted!), do I want to continue farming? I’m torn. There’s so much to do, and other things have grabbed my attention so if I do continue farming, it’ll be later at night.

Halloween 2020 Thoughts

What are my thoughts on the Halloween 2020 event? Grindy but still fun when I could devote myself to the game. The story was actually more fun than the game-play this time around. The riffing on the magical girl anime genre with the chapter preview cards was awesome in my opinion.

First boss was easy—particularly if you have Jack, but even Sitonai shined here. I used Sitonai on the first break-bar, and because of her Arts looping potential, she was ready for a second go-round on the last break-bar. For lulz, I used Jack instead.

Warning, Tangent Ahead. Sorry/not sorry but I’m one of those that can’t stand this iteration of Medb because there was so much more to her legend than just being cunning and promiscuous—but creative direction in corporate environments being what it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if the discussion revolved around not having two Celtic warrior queens since there was already Scáthach.

Game-play itself was alright for Fate/GO. Either it wasn’t enough of a challenge, or it was too much of a challenge—I’m not talking about the story quests, either. Referring specifically to the farming quests. If you’re farming, you want to be able to clear as fast as possible, and with some of the higher level areas, it was almost impossible. You expect story quests to be challenging and require a bit of strategy, while farming quests should be easy to pass through quickly with Mash, an AoE NP Servant, and a Single-target NP Servant—of course, my choices here are always Ishtar for AoE and either Chloe😭 or Tomoe Gozen for Single-target.

Speaking of mirrors, there's this yokai in America...
The yokai spoken of here is an alcoholic drink that in it’s more extreme forms is served with bacon, onion rings, or pickles.

Finally, at the end, you can’t have a Halloween Event without involving Elizabeth.

Elisabeth JAPAN looks bad-ass. Wardrobe key when?!
The Great Oni has been revealed!

In all seriousness, there was a missed opportunity here. Elisabeth looks badass not only with the oni horns, but dressed as a gothic Japanese idol. Why DW didn’t create a wardrobe key, I have no idea. In my opinion, that was a serious oversight. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would’ve sacrificed much-needed ascension materials to activate the key. Oh well, maybe sometime in a future update?

Ending with the final boss-fight from the Halloween 2020 event

Now, making use of my Clairvoyant EX skill (cough Japanese Event list for 2018 cough), at least we have something of a break before the next event.

Upcoming Events for November Are:

  • Another X-Million Downloads campaign, which features the usual 10 summon tickets and (I think?) a free ticket for the 4⭐️ Servant of your choice.
  • X-Number-of-Days Anniversary Campaign, which is basically just moar free Saint Quartz (hey, it all spends).
  • In a few weeks, we have the Christmas 2019 re-run. Which reminds me, I need to finish leveling Altera (Archer) for that event. Also, check and make sure I have my event CEs from last year.
  • Then finally, we have the release of Lostbelt 3: QIN (called SIN in Japan) sometime at the end of the month.

That is it for now! Have fun farming!

Obligatory cat-tax

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