On that last Chapter of Fate/Kaleid 3rei!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Kuro is probably my favorite Servant in Fate/Grand Order because she’s fast-paced, hard-hitting, will consistently put out critical hits—especially if she’s paired with Jack. She’s saved my ass through a lot of difficult content in Fate/Grand Order—hell, she even knocked out Sutr in one of the last boss fights from Götterdämmerung. That being said, in the most recent chapter of Fate/Kaleid 3rei! (which is finally coming close to being concluded), the girls take care of Darius but it costs them Kuro. Which yeah—sad day bro—at the same time, there was a certain amount of foreshadowing about what was going to happen to her, especially when Shiro handed her Kiritsugu’s origin bullet. Now every time I’ve summoned Kuro for the Halloween 2020 event, it’s been with a feeling of sadness.

At least she lives on in Fate/Grand Order.

All that being said, I’m sure there’s going to be some form of rabbit pulled in the remaining chapters. There are a lot of loose threads that need to be tied up, like where the hell has Tanaka been? And what exactly happened to KidGil? I seriously doubt that he simply exited stage left after retrieving his Class Card. Finally, what about Shiro, and Pandora (Erica) for that matter?

I guess with that, we’ll see in the next chapter which is next month (Hopefully).

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