Not at max bond yet, but soon. During the course of playing the current revival event, I managed…

Not at max bond yet, but soon. During the course of playing the current revival event, I managed to increase Merlin’s bond level and snag free SQ in the process. As for the revival itself, I haven’t decided if I’m playing for the farming aspect, or if I’m going to be serious about grabbing Mecha Eli-chan Mk. II this year (I already have the first version, and their stats are the same).

As for whether Mecha Eli-chan is any good? Eh…Basically, she’s a welfare Alter Ego, and the only one I have at the moment. If you missed last year’s event and you don’t have an Alter Ego yet, she is worth getting. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this year’s Halloween event. I’ve heard that Sitonai’s drop-rate is supposed to be up, and I could use a 5⭐️ Alter Ego since I failed to nab Okita Alter earlier this year. Seriously, I was so salty over that one, that I basically said "fuck the rest of GUDA GUDA."

Progressing through the revival event isn’t nearly as grindy as last year, thankfully.

Osakabehime's hide-away. If I had this set up, I wouldn't want to leave it, either.
Is that a Cintiq that I see behind Mash?!
Also, Mash is such an innocent. Considering the shithole that the world has become this year, can ya really blame Osakabehime for wanting to say “fuck this, I’m out?”

I treated myself to a Huion Kamvas 16 Pro a few weeks ago. Amazon had an $80 off coupon that I’m immediately jumped on. I’ve toyed with getting a Cintiq in the past but I couldn’t justify the expense. The Kamvas is an acceptable intro to pen displays. I do have an Intous 5 that I barely use because it’s too big for my desktop. I also couldn’t use it due to some ergonomic issues it caused. The Kamvas has mostly solved that problem.

Obligatory Cat-tax, with Kamvas Pro in the background.
Obligatory cat tax with pen display in the background.

Anyway, that’s it. I’ve been doing more side-projects than actually playing FGO lately, and not to mention some of the home improvement work.

Till next time!

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