FGO 5th Anniversary Was LIT! 🔥

FGO 5th Anniversary Was LIT! 🔥

Scored Castoria—leveled to 90 and all skills at 6/6/10. Scored ANOTHER Castoria. So I now have Castoria NP2.

Scored a second copy of Voyager from the GSSR. I’m in the process of leveling him to 90. Had to stop to make a few runs through the Extreme Ember and QP quests, though. My GSSR luck was significantly better this year than in previous years. I rolled the most recent GSSR and kept an open mind. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for Bunny Artoria or an NP2 Spishtar, Sei, or ‘Zerker Musashi, but wasn’t disappointed when I got another copy of Voyager. My guaranteed 4⭐ was Osakabe (Archer)—yay, another copy for NP leveling—then I find out that I already had her leveled to NP5. Oh well, more gold prism for me then. And on top of all of that, I got a flood of Mandricardos—I already have him at NP5. A Caenis flood would’ve been better, though.

Voyager NP2!

Finished ascending Voyager. Leveled El-Melloi II (Zhuge Liang). His skills are at 6/6/6 currently, but will complete leveling to 10 later.

I deliberately waited until 5th Anni just so I could do a bunch of leveling. The Extreme quests showing up when they did was the icing on the cake.

All of these new QoL updates that are arriving two years early on the NA server. I’m so freakin’ happy right now. With the Extreme Ember/QP quests, it has become easy to level your Servants and even better, I only had to slightly adjust my farming team. Technically, I should’ve just changed my old one instead of making a new one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, Castoria is there for bond points. I try to get my 5🌟s up to Bond 5 quickly—after she’s done, I’ll do Voyager next.

On the subject of bond points, I really need to focus on getting bond point CEs, as well as the new Master EXP/Mystic Code CE—Idol Maker. There’s roughly 90 days (from the start of the 5th Anni event) until it disappears from the Green Prism shop—at least until next year when it reappears in the Gold Prism Shop. I estimate that in order to get all five copies, you’d need to farm 57 green prisms per day from the start of the 5th Anni event.

Honestly, the next QoL I hope we get early is ascension item drop CEs—which popped up on JP with the Advanced Quests.

Rushed through the 3rd Learning with Manga rerun, by skipping most of the story parts. Except for the last arrow of Chapter 3 because that one had some Fourth Wall hilarity. I mainly played for the additional prisms.

The next QoL update FGO needs a “collect all” button for quest rewards.

Yes, this post is way late. I meant to post this at the end of the Anni event but completely forgot. Now we’re into the middle of the Summer 5 event. Wheeee!

Now back to trying to get caught up with Summer 5 (I’m like five days behind now)

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