Revival 2019 Recap + Lostbelt 3 Intro

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Revival 2019 Recap + Lostbelt 3 Intro. Looking back at the Revival Event, and looking forward to Lostbelt 3 and the Thanksgiving Event.

Highlights from this year’s revival event. Not much other than a few videos, and that I managed up to 6 resets from the event lotto. By the time I could do the seventh, the event would have been over in roughly 49 minutes any. At that point, I had event fatigue so basically, I went screw it. I suspect that after the Lostbelt 3 Intro dropped, I was ready to start the next chapter.

Here’s my full summary of the Revival Event, along with last year’s highlights.

Revival 2019’s Highlights

Altera (Archer) + Scathach=Skadi == Good Civilization!

Lostbelt 3 Intro Summarized

One of the funnier tongue-in-cheek moments from the dialog. Lostbelt 3 actually came out in 2018 in Japan but still…I can’t get over just how on the nose this statement really is:

Sion: In short, I was not sure how, but I knew the world would cease to exist in 2020.
I don’t even think the writers know (or do they?) just how accurate an assessment of 2020 this really is.

To summarize: Our fearless heroes find a new home base; Tamamo Vitch attempts to poison the protagonist but fails—and ends up getting Goredolf instead. An additional bonus: she could only attempt that once, and it was all due to Goredolf being a simp (us old farts have stronger terms but I’ll refrain from saying them on the off-chance someone younger than 16 comes across this post)

What’s Next?

Aside from the Thanksgiving Special (I’m trying for Musashi again this year, dammit). May your rolls be blessed 😉

Fate Grand Order Thanksgiving Special 2020

I’m hoping that Lostbelt 3 is going to drop sometime this coming week or next week. Either way, we all know it’s going to be soon so if you have servants to level, get on it! Lostbelt 3 is dropping while we all recover from OMGWTFBBQ FOOD COMA!

Lostbelt 3 is dropping while the turkey cooks. Prepare yourselves.
Whelp, it’s official. Loosen up those belts, put on your comfy clothes, and prepare for post Thanksgiving Dinner shenanigans!

After the Lostbelt 3 release, we have Quetzfest (Christmas 2020) coming up. There won’t be a re-run of this event so if you want Quetzalcoatl (Ruler), definitely participate. After that? The New Year 2021 event, which also means the Guaranteed Gacha event is back (so I get another chance at Okita Alter before May?).

Whelp, that’s it. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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