Despite my best efforts on saving quartz for the summer, I fell for the Musashi/Queen of Sheba bait-banner.…

Despite my best efforts on saving quartz for the summer, I fell for the Musashi/Queen of Sheba bait-banner. Do I have regrets? Of course not. Not only did I get Sheba to NP5 (I think I have enough Servant Coins to unlock all of her append skills), I also nabbed a second copy of Musashi 🙌🏼

NP2 Musashi WOOOOO! Plus 90 more Servant coins for unlocking another append skill!

In the last event, Akihabara Explosion, I actually participated even though it was an endurance event. I’ll say that it actually wasn’t that bad. As to why I have (had) a dislike of tower events—I blame the first one that was introduced to FGO—Setsubun. However, at that time my lineup wasn’t nearly as good as it is now. The length of the event also played a part. Setsubun only lasted like a week. And finally, the timing. It was right before the pandemic, and I was in the midst of job hunting and recovering from a house-fire.

A lot of people say 2020 sucked but for me, it was a very good year. I cut out a lot of negativity. I found a job that I love, and with that I was able to start truly rebuilding my credit after bankruptcy. No, for me—2019 was the year of suckage. 2020 was a year of recovery and healing.

About Those April Events

The first event of the month is Hunting Quest 10. Here’s an opportunity to test out new farming comps as well as collect a bunch of ascension mats.

Servant Strengthening Quests and Summoning Campaign

Servant Strengthening Quests, Part 13 is coming up quickly. I say that because we’ve been getting events two weeks earlier than their original run on the JP server, and we currently have the Spring in Bloom Summoning Campaign 🎣

It’s baaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiit…

So which Servants are getting boosted this time around?

  • Vlad (Berserker)
  • Rama
  • Sasaki Kojiro
  • Quetzalcoatl*
  • Assassin of Shinjuku
  • Moriarty
  • and finally, Artoria Alter (Lancer)*

Honestly, I can’t wait. I have Quetz and Artoria Alter (Lancer) and I’m happy that their upgrades are coming to NA. On that note, there is a Summoning Campaign that features all of the Servants that are getting rank ups this time around. I’ll call this one a bait banner as well BUT it could be the perfect opportunity to whale for more copies of Quetzalcoatl or Lalter, or for that matter, any of your favorite Servants.

Grail Live

I suspect that Grail Live and its Summoning Campaign should either be later this coming week, or the week after. This event features a welfare Foreigner, Mysterious Idol X (Alter). The Summoning Campaign will feature a new 5🌟 Caster—Miss Crane (I feel another deep-dive into Japanese folklore coming). Now, if I roll, it’ll be for event CEs and I’ll limit myself to two 10 pulls. I’m not particularly keen on getting Miss Crane but if she spooks, I won’t look at her cross-eyed.

This happened with the Valentine’s Event. Rolled for CEs and got Caren.

As far as events go, April is looking rather sparse. Once again, I suspect we’re seeing the effect that the pandemic had on game production prior to Lasengle taking over from DelightWorks. Which on that subject, I wonder if we’re going to get a bunch of upgrades early like we did last year. I hope so, because 6th Anni is looking rather lackluster because we got the Servant Coins and upgraded QP/Ember quests last year.

Till next time!

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