Brief recap of FGO’s Summer 2020 event, and quick update. Honestly, I am burned out. I have one…

Brief recap of FGO’s Summer 2020 event, and quick update.

Honestly, I am burned out. I have one last points ladder to climb to get that last Crystallized Lore but I simply can not bring myself to do it. I have a complete recap coming this weekend, though. So you will find out then whether or not I was able to finish in time.

I did give up on farming more gold materials because of the atrocious drop-rate for 5⭐ event CEs in the gacha. This time around, the rate-up really was a lie.

In a few weeks, I’ll be posting some video clips of last year’s Onigashima event. That was a fun event that I would have hoped would get another re-run. The best part was the multiple rounds I spent destroying Wazahamimaru using Euryale and Tamamo despite his having Arts resistance. Also learning how I could loop Euryale’s NP with Tamamo as a support. The really sad part is that good ole Wazi didn’t stand a chance, with Euryale’s anti-male trait and class-advantage. Ah man, fun times.

Now on to other updates.

What’s up with my Instagram account?

Eh, I forgot about it?

Seriously. I didn’t actually forget, but I haven’t updated for two reasons: I’ve been in a creative funk (more because hey SUMMER!), and Instagram’s latest changes to their API broke the app I was using to post my artwork without having to go through my phone.

My creative spells come and go, and I’ve learned not to push too hard because it leads to frustration and depression.

Speaking of Creativity

Fate/Grand Order’s most recent summer event got me to thinking about taking my drawing skills seriously for once. Without giving up what my next post is going to be about, let’s just say that I got some inspiration from the doujinshi arc of the storyline.

What About Tutorials?

Those will be coming. I’m looking at the fall and winter to start fleshing out more ideas around what kind of tutorials do I want to do, and what do I want to focus on.

What Happened to Silent Shadow?

I took the site off Tumblr, like I had been intending to do two years ago after Verizon’s anti-pornography stance. Silent Shadow will be back at some point, but I can’t make any promises as to when it will be back. Basically, it’ll be back when I create new content for it. One: convert the short-stories over to comic format, then Two: get started on outlining Silent Shadow: Firestorm.

And That Redesign?

Looking to launch the new site ( on Labor Day weekend. Every time I think I’m done, I find something else that I don’t like or I think is actually wrong. After the redesign is launched, I may need to take the site down for a few hours to perform server upgrades but I’m thinking that won’t come until the end of next month.

Till next time!

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