Lostbelt 4 Released, Now for the Summer

Lostbelt 4 Released, Now for the Summer

Lostbelt 4 has been released in NA. So now, what’s in store for the NA server the rest of this summer. New Servants, events, and goodies!

This week, it has been hotter than Satan’s taint, so the only thing left for me to do was sit in my air-conditioned office (or bedroom) and finish Lostbelt 4. I will have a separate post on Lostbelt 4, but first I want to start with what’s to be expected for the rest of June, and the rest of the summer.

Summer 2021: What’s in Store for Fate/Go

Since we’re now into the middle of June, with players either finished or in the process of finishing LB 4. There’s probably some wondering about what’s going to come next.

Downloads Campaign featuring Nero Bride

Japanese Banner from 2019
  • 1/2 AP on Ember Gathering quests—so if you acquired any SSRs, this would be the time to level them up
  • The usual consecutive login goodies (embers, QP, apples, Fous, and Summon Tickets)
  • Limited Master Missions, which grant 50 mana prisms for the completion of each quest plus 1 rare prism for completing all 7 missions
  • Great and Super Success chances are doubled (once again, now would be the time to level those Servants)
  • Servant/CE synthesis QP requirements are 50%

I’m very tempted to roll for Bride but I know there will be other chances to grab her. Rather save for the SSRs that I have my eyes on anyway.

GUDAGUDA 4: Final Hinnōji

Japanese Banner from 2019

GUDAGUDA 4 should drop some time after the Downloads Campaign. Another chance to farm for needed ascension/skill materials, plus a new welfare Servant. The accompanying Summons Campaign will feature the much-anticipated 5🌟 Avenger Nobu.

Our new welfare Servant is 4🌟 Lancer Nagao Kagetora. GamePress has a good write-up on her abilities, from the sound of things, she may have a hard time generating her own critical stars. Sounds like those star gather/star drop-up Command Codes might be put to good use on her Arts cards as she only has the one Quick card.

To me, she looks like a Saber-face (or a Jeanne-face—which is basically a Saber-face) even though that’s not one of her traits.

Lancer Nagao Kagetora: Saber-face or Jeanne-face?

4th Anniversary Campaign (July?)

The 4th Anniversary celebration should hit either last week of June or first week of July. Try not to get too greedy here, because we have MOAR login bonuses on top of the ones we’re getting for the downloads campaign.

4th Anniversary Awards
  • Daily login bonuses: 10 million QP (it all spends, right?), 100k friends points, more Embers, Fous, and Gold Fous, another 100 mana prisms, another rare prism, and another 10 summons tickets.
  • 30 for clearing Lostbelts 1 thru 3 (10 per Lostbelt cleared — basically, a free 10-pull)
  • 1/2 AP for Lostbelt Main Quests. If you haven’t had a chance to get caught up, this would be the time to do it.
  • Additional Master Missions: A 💩-ton of (up to 180 total) for passing every free quest in Main Records (Fuyuki to LB 4). These missions are permanent so don’t worry about having to finish ALL Main Record free quests in the next few weeks
  • Daily Quest 1/2 AP — need QP or mats, this would be the time to do it
  • Great and Super Success Rate x3—so if you haven’t leveled up your Servants, here’s another chance.
  • Servant Strengthening Quests: see here for Servants getting strengthened. Big Snek (Gorgon) and Little Snek (Medusa Lily) are among the Servants getting a strengthening quest.
  • Command Card Strengthening — new item featuring Fou’s paw that allows you to boost Command Card strength.
  • SQ Summons count increased. Get 11 instead of 10 on a 30 pull now. Basically, one more slot to raise your hopes and dash them down with.
  • New Servants in Friend Points Gacha. The only ones I’m looking forward to are Chen Gong and Gareth. Maaaaybe Salome as well.
  • Finally, Lucky Bag Summoning Campaign. This is not the Class-based summons we get around New Years but the banner will be divided into two: Knight + Extra Classes and Cavalry + Alter Ego. Basically, don’t get your hopes up if you’re trying for a specific Servant. I’ve given up on Ereshkigal because of that.

Rest of the Summer

Finally, the summer will end with ServantFes 2020 rerun and Las Vegas Official Bout. If you didn’t get Zalter last summer, this is your last chance. The accompanying summons campaign will feature 5🌟 Archer Jeanne, plus Summer Medb, Ibaraki, and Ushi. Las Vegas Bout will have another welfare Servant, and that summons campaign will feature 5🌟 Ruler Artoria (Bunny), 5🌟 Summer Musashi plus new summer variants 4🌟 Melt (Lancer), 4🌟 Okita (Assassin), 4🌟 Osakabehime (Archer), and 4🌟 Carmilla (Rider). Bonus: there’s also a Merlin campaign as well, so if you don’t have Merlin, this would be the time to grab him.

It would be awesome if Las Vegas Official Bout landed around July 4th, though. Musashi’s costume has July 4th vibes, and honestly, July 4th marks the middle point of the summer for me.

I do have a review for Lostbelt 4 coming up. Originally, this post was going have the review but it got to be so massive that I thought it better to divide it into three posts. There will be two more posts coming: Lostbelt 4 review, and then my brain-dump on how the Lostbelt Arc is likely to end.

Now, go forth and enjoy your summer, stay cool, and look forward to what’s coming!

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