Actually, you don’t need three easy steps for burn-out. You just need to keep persisting at one fucking…

Actually, you don’t need three easy steps for burn-out. You just need to keep persisting at one fucking task for way too long.

Any way—I’m in a race to the finish here. Basically, I want to get the site updated by the end of the month. However, what I forgot (and being my day job is I’m a WordPress Developer so I should have known this) is that WordPress 5.5 drops in roughly 2 weeks. So right now, I’m developing against the RC version. Fun times…

Speaking of burnout. I think I hit maximum burnout before the Summer 2019 revival event ended. I’m slightly disappointed in myself. I spent all of yesterday working on the new site that I forgot to farm for mats that I desperately need for skill leveling and ascension. I’m tapped on Dragon’s Teeth and Phoenix Feathers.

Basically, I think there’s something in me that flips my "aww, fuckit" switch before burn-out actually happens. Plus, I also subconsciously wanted a rest before this summer’s event drops on Monday. I’m highly looking forward to—another welfare servant (Berserker Jalter) that sounds like she’s going to be almost as good as Chloe. Of all of the welfare servants I have currently, Chloe was my first, and I’ve used her the most—even occasionally choosing her over Archuria (Summer Artoria). Although…I used Summer Artoria a lot during the revival event and I learned something: Artoria, under the right conditions, can launch her NP at least three times back-to-back. And from what I’ve seen using Chloe and Artoria side-by-side—Chloe has greater damage potential, but because her Quick cards have very little NP-gain, it’s hard to do an NP loop with her unless you get all of her Arts cards behind her NP. Artoria doesn’t do as much damage (basically, it’s NP1 Artoria vs NP5 Chloe—I’m too cheap to whale for additional copies of Summer Artoria when her banner pops up) but even when I have her NP followed by a Quick- or even a Buster+Arts combination, It’s almost a guarantee that I can launch her NP again on the next turn.

Alright, the Samsung Screen recording too doesn’t suck as much as I thought it did.

One thing that this site was supposed to feature was Photoshop/Illustrator tutorials. Well, the thing is this: I’ve basically ditched my CC license because renewal every year is too expensive. I do still use Photoshop and Illustrator, but it’s my original license from after I graduated—those copies are 10 years old but they still work on Windows 10, although the support for 4K monitors isn’t really there. In the meantime, I’m looking for alternatives. It just didn’t make any sense to keep paying for software that I open maybe once a month.

Either way, I can still do tutorials, it’ll just be with the older versions.

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