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Traum—the chapter that NA has been anxiously awaiting for almost two years now is finally here. We get…

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Traum—the chapter that NA has been anxiously awaiting for almost two years now is finally here. We get some of our questions answered; some of our suspicions confirmed, but yet are left with more questions.

⚠ Warning: Spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Also be warned: I’m probably going to jump around all over the place in terms story progression.

Reichenbach Falls Final Battle

Holmes turns out to be a disciple of the foreign god—which we sort of knew from the numerous hints strewn along the way—most of which I’ve forgotten about. The disappointing thing about the reveal was what his purpose with Chaldea was supposed to be before he blanked his memory, or if he was like the other disciples, what gods was he supposedly combined with? The former matter I suspect was intentionally left out and will probably come up in Lostbelt 7, or Ordeal Call. The latter feels like an oversight on the part of the writers. Why reveal if Holmes is getting killed off? On the other hand, why reveal if Holmes is destined to reappear at a later date?

Considering that in the original stories, both he and Moriarty died at Reichenbach Falls, and Holmes came back afterwards, I’d say that there’s a strong chance for Holmes to reappear before the conclusion of Ordeal Call.

Now, whether as a Servant summoned by the protag or as an enemy—that remains to be seen. As for Ruler Moriarty? Yawn… I’ll take his shady older self over his young, bratty counterpart any day of the week.

The fight after we lose Holmes is a bit anticlimactic—well, if you have Jeanne Alter or any strong ST Avenger, for that matter. But, in Jalter’s case, there was a certain poetic symmetry to using her for the final fight. Remember back in Shinjuku, Jalter telling an older Moriarty that she should have roasted him when she had the chance? Well, she got her chance here 😂 Due to RNG, I couldn’t four-turn the fight like in some of the guides but that’s alright because I also got the chance to use Charlemagne’s NP as well.

Lasengle better release more Ordeal Call chapters this year, instead of the once a year BS they’ve been pulling since LB 7.

Call-outs to Fate/Extella Link

Once Charlie makes his grand appearance—I mean, c’mon, it was pretty obvious who Seton was even back in the Revenge Realm—the writers couldn’t help but slip in references to Extella Link. However, I’ll point out that the call-outs started before that. When Don Quixote is posing as Charles the Great, you see a silhouette that looks like a combination of Karl der Große and Yosemite Sam.

After Charlie’s grand entrance, he does reveal that “this errand” was entrusted to him by Karl der Große himself. It’s been five years since I played through Extella Link, but I remember at the end of the final route, Altera’s plan to “create” records of Charlemagne and Karl der Große in the Mooncell using the Regalia—so my guess is that this is the writer’s way of telling us that Hakuno and Altera were successful?

It would also explain why Charlie admitted to not having that much power—something about his Spirit Origin not being stable? Yeah, my memory is shit.

If The History Channel is to be believed, Charlemagne was almost as big of a horndog as Ghengis Khan was. Considering this the channel that pushes shows like Ancient Aliens and Pawn Stars, I’ll take what THC says with a huge helping of salt 🧂

Specimen E

At the end, Moriarty guides the protag to Area 51, where Specimen E is located. Which turns out to be a twig on an operating table with the silhouette of a man where the only thing left is his brain and nervous system—I’m guessing that had to be the remains of David Bluebook—who reached Area 51 sometime in Lostbelt 5 and was ambushed by a mysterious entity, which I’m assuming was originally Specimen E.

Whether or not this was intentional, but I couldn’t help but think that Specimen E was a nice callout to Spectral. If you haven’t seen it, highly recommend. Anyway, with that reveal, the chapter ends. We’re left wondering about the fate of Specimen E. What did the protag do after that fade-to-black? Did they put the brain sack out of its misery, ala Spectral? Or did they just leave it there? Despite the fact that the team recovered all three holy grails, it seems like this being or whatever it was would have eventually been able to rebuild the Singularity if they left it alive.

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