Prisma-Codes revival event in January 2021

| By Jess

While a potentially tornadic thunderstorm heads my way, what do I do with my time except watch FGO videos on YouTube.

Here’s Brolancer totally owning Medb. 🤣 at “angry thot noises”

Came across this awesome video by Honako Green soloing Medb with *Cu Chulainn. I didn’t realize during the event that she was an Avenger and not a Rider. When the rerun comes out in January, I think I know how to handle her—probably with OG Mash, Tamamo, and BB.

Cu gets a hefty rank-up in 2022 (already out on the Japanese servers). Basically, he keeps Guts but also gets an attack up modifier with Guts.

Anyway, it came to mind that I had just started playing FGO when the first Prisma-Codes event came out. At that point, I had already finished the Fuyuki chapter, and somehow gained Summer Artoria (Archer). Heh, my first SSR Servant—in the Summer 2018 event gacha. I was new enough that I still hadn’t quite figured out game mechanics, and my roster wasn’t nearly as developed as it is now. Basically, I forced my way through that event with supports and barely powered up servants. Yet, somehow I managed to finish it, get Chloe and the four copies I needed to level her to NP5. Probably more beginner’s luck but in that event’s gacha, I got Illya as well.

Chloe Carried the Team

As it turns out, I ended up using Chloe more than Summer Artoria. For a SR welfare servant, Chloe was probably the best gain that a n00b like me at the time could hope to get. She carried me through the Camelot, Babylonia, and Solomon chapters. After that, I continued to bring her out for boss fights involving Sabers or Berserkers, or in the recent Summer 2020 event, for Moon Cancers. She proved to be very effective in the Sessyoin raid—even more so when I paired her up with Tomoe Gozen (who has made her way into being my second-favorite Servant).

Well, that’s enough introspection for one post. We were all n00bs at one point—you just need to have patience and perseverance to get through the game.

With that, I’ll have a recap of the Summer 2020 event at some point. Yes, it was a slog but I got Jeanne Alter (Berserker). Till next time!

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