So what happened? Well, life did. A number of things happened—some good, some not so good. I won’t go into details because everything that has happened has been detailed elsewhere. At this point, I’d rather focus on moving forward.

Anyway…yes, I did have a “Part 3” planned for the Interstellar Scenes series. What happened is I could not find what the hell I did with the documented steps to create “fiery orbs” in space. As near as I can tell, I never documented them. Well, bummer. Basically, I was in the process of reverse-engineering my steps (basically, documenting using Photoshop Actions) when life happened. At some point, I’ll get back to it but I’m not sure when.

Now, looking forward to 2020. What are my goals for this space? Anything creative, with the possibility of monetization. The problem is that I’m spread out over the internet when it comes to posting and sharing. I’m on Instagram, DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Renderosity (though I haven’t been active there in 10 years). The problem is “anything creative” is too broad, so obviously I need to limit it.

Basically, get rid of Tumblr because it’s basically a dead platform at this point. Focus on Instagram, DeviantArt, and Rendo (for showcasing the Poser work)

Alright, that’s enough waffling. I’ve decided: basically here’s the answer: focus on my artwork. That will be my goal for 2020. Focus on my artwork, with Silent Shadow as the primary, and Poser add-ons as the secondary. So where does that leave It doesn’t, other than a showcase for my work ;-).

Cya in 2020!

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