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Well, site is finally back up after a long hiatus.


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Link: Fine Art Friday: The Basics of Three-Point Perspective
Tentatively taking up drawing again, and I found this link on getting started with 3-point perspective. Ironically, I learned about drawing in perspective during my first quarter at Ai Minnesota but haven’t done anything since. Thought that this would be the best place to start.

An idea that I’ve been playing with for a few weeks since I created my first soda syrup back in March. Creating a soda using cayenne pepper. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. Only problem is every time I’ve tried searching for cayenne pepper soda or a similar term, I almost always get links to holistic medicine sites — not that there isn’t anything wrong with that (and since I already know about the medical benefits of cayenne) — it doesn’t help me in determining what flavors would go with cayenne. Can’t use cayenne by itself…combined with carbonation, that would really burn.

Kind of unoriginal, but if I did something similar to my Ginger/Vanilla recipe, but added cayenne to it and reduced the ginger, that might be interesting.

Stay tuned!

After realizing that I haven’t burned any CDs or DVDs in the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve started to wonder if CDs and DVDs are going out? I’m not just talking format-specific, either. It’s easy to see why audio CDs and video DVDs are going away (mp3s, Blueray®, and not to mention video- and audio-streaming services anyone?). They’re not that convenient, for one. Two, if you were using CDs or DVDs for data, then external hard-drives have become the way to go particularly when you can buy a 1TB external drive for less than $100 on Amazon now. It’s something to think about — I didn’t give it much thought until spring cleaning this year when I realized that I’ve been tossing out old data CDs and DVDs.

It makes me think that external hard-drives may be the way to go. Who knows? eHDDs may become obsolete in the next five years, too.